Vacsup, vaccination equipment for the hatchery

Vacsup innovates and produces equipment for the vaccination of poultry. We have 15 years of experience in this field and offer our machines for worldwide use. The manufacturing is done in France and it is our mission to realize simple, reliable vaccination equipment, accompanied by a quality service for your long term satisfaction. Vacsup is part of the company Annodis.

We market a new spray cabinet for spray vaccination of day old chicks in the hatchery. In general a coarse spray is used for vaccination against New Castle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis and Coccidiosis. In certain cases also a more fine spray can be used. The choice and the control of the correct droplet size is very important for a good immunisation. In addition, the ideal distribution of all doses over a chick box contributes in the final quality of the vaccination.

Please read more about our new Spray Cabinet on the product page Vacsup Spray One.

One way valve for live vaccine
guiding bar for chick box & vaccine dose cylinder
vaccine dose cylinder
nozzle for spray vaccination
guiding bar for chick box
Spray Cabinet : Vacsup Spray One