Marek injection machine Vacsup D-one

Vacsup D-one, machine for SC injections of day-old chicks

Injection machine for day old chicks D-one

The Vacsup D-one is a new machine for SC injection of day-old chicks in the hatchery. It can be used for live and inactivated vaccines and uses fixed dosing syringes of 0.1 ml or 0.2ml. The development is based on 15 years of experience and several new technologies have been used to improve vaccination quality and user safety.

Touch screen of injection machine D-oneA color touch screen interface allows personnel to use the various machine counters and other machine functions. It makes it easy to activate a batch counter or to shift from single injections to double injections.




Chick detection plate of Marek Injector D-oneDouble chick presence detection increases safety and helps the user in properly placing the chicks on the machine. The transparent machine cover keeps continuously visible the syringes and blocks automatically all movements if opened.